Difference and Repetition

Difference and Repetition

Lia Cecchin, Kitty Clark, Andrew Gillespie, Zeinab Haji, Emily Jones, Isamit Morales, Imran Perretta, Caterina Rossato, Francesco Sollazzo, Rashid Uri, Simone Zaccagnini

Curated by Like A Little Disaster

12 March / 10 April 2016, @Foothold, Polignano a Mare, Italy

Difference and Repetition attempts to create a grid of connections between the searches of a team of artists who, through very different languages and poetics, implement an aesthetic operation of replacement, giving new perspectives to what already exists. Appropriation, alteration and rethink objects, elements and forms of phenomenal reality marks their action and through these steps, allowing us to think reality as a game of differences, while we normally think of it in terms of similarity, analogy, identity.
Their practice investigates the possibilities of giving new purpose to everyday life elements, removing them intentionally from the dominion of automatic perception and making them abstract in order to place those elements and their relationships, uses, connotations on show.

Through dissociation of objects and concepts, the artifice of the works on show makes the perception slow and permanent, generating a strange contradiction because the same concepts and objects are fragmented or separated from their mechanical use, in order to support a closer and lasting gaze. Like paradoxes, the artist’s interventions have the unique ability to amplify contradictions, speaking out through their confusion, so that the viewer must pause and think about what might be their connections and developments. What “confuses” in the exhibition’s works is that they present us a comment through the attribution of new intentions, offering at the same time a branch of sensations allowing various interpretation cause they activate a chain reaction of reflections.

These premises implicate complex issues such as the relation between copy and original, seen and interpreted by the artists as mutually constitutive of the thing and its double, the thing and the shadow. Through a continuous process of calling into question the logic of representation the artists suggest repetitions, “doubles”, estranged objects and subjects that host multiple realities within them or fall apart, disconnected and become whole. This process alters in countless ways the logic of the original and the copy, so as to deny any rulling image of thought and to emancipate it from the enslavement to any form-default image.

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