Latent surfaces

Latent surfaces

Virginia Francia, Fabienne Hess, Yuichiro Kikuma, Minhong Pyo, Tenant of Culture

Curated by Like A Little Disaster

22 August / 10 September 2016, @Foothold, Polignano a Mare

“Latent surfaces” is a group show presenting new works by: Virginia Francia, Fabienne Hess, Yuichiro Kikuma, Minhong Pyo and Tenant of Culture.

As Hegel writes, “there is nothing deeper than what appears on the surface.” Between inside and outside occurs a clandestine exchange, that through a mysterious dialectic manages to become clear.

Human beings are a collection of different surfaces. We are “surfaces” characterized by different relations, qualities, contexts and situations. We define the world and, in it, our space and our time.

Thinking about life as a surface rather than a depth, as a multidirectional horizon without transcendence: an infinite, porous and connective immanence.

We stopped courageously at the surface of the world or we have become the surfaces we imagined?


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